Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty Party and a Pinata

Anyone else a big Crate Paper fan? I'd been looking forward to the arrival of the Pretty Party collection. It's pretty perfect! I was going to say that it's just right for this time of year - but while I wait for some Spring weather to appear here, I discovered that it looks good with Easter pictures too.

This is our Easter Pinata. We have discovered that teenagers who aren't so interested in the Easter Bunny do enjoy hitting things with a big stick. So we fill a pinata with mini eggs and chocolate limes and chewy bananas, they bash it open and then we divide up the spoils.

I made a fringed flower to echo the theme and cut some yellow feathers with my Slice. The doily was a gift from a friend.

You can find Pretty Party right here


Scrappi Sandi said...

How fab! Where did you get the pinata from?...don't tell me you made that too!!! :D

Sian said...

No, though I thought about - I hunted everywhere to get one and found it in M&S

Sandra said...

This is great - I love that fringed flower.

Alana said...

Funny that because I like bashing things with sticks too. We had one one birthday, it was hard to get into, was yours? Lovely layout. Very spring like:)

Sian said...

Yes! I feared for the light fitting at one point..