Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook ... here we come

Having spent a great deal of yesterday afternoon and this morning - I think we're getting somewhere! ... and that somewhere is Facebook.

It's early days, but the plan (I hope) will be to have a couple of challenges and giveaways. I'll also keep it updated with news on what's coming to the store.  So if you have an account, do come over and say hello, search for Gotta Craft and "like" me lol.

I've also spent this afternoon playing with Twitter ....  there really is no stopping me.  And again, if you have a Twitter account you can find me over there .. only this time, it's one word Gottacraft

Seems strange to have a blog post with no photo ... so just for you :) ... here is a picture of the box of goodies that I'm uploading over the next few days - not all brand new products, but some odds and ends that were in old kits etc ... and also I'm going to be doing a little bit of re-arranging of the categories, hopefully you'll find things quicker - I'd love your comments :)


Cheryl said...

Like :-)

Sian said...

I'll go have a look! Don't forget to put a find us on facebook badge up here too

Suzy said...

Sian you will be scaring het now suggesting badges LOL. Off to find you on Facebook

Alana said...

Ooh, get you getting all technical on us. Will go and try and find you later on. Good luck with it all.

yvette said...

Looking forward to seeing you more on FB and the challenges.