Saturday, November 12, 2011

Note to Self: Buy More Memorandum

So there I was, crouched in the wet grass, with no coat on, taking pictures of pumpkins and thinking "Sandra, these papers better be worth it".

And of course, they are. November's kit has Lily Bee's stunning Memorandum. This collection is beautiful! every last little bit of it. Honestly, I have already been back to the shop and ordered a Tiny Tablet because I am thinking about using it for my Christmas album this year. See how it looks with a Christmassy page?

The patterns are truly lovely; but what makes this collection so special is the ledger paper reverse sides. Each one is a winner - very easy to use as a background or cut into journaling blocks or mini albums. Check them all out in the shop. But don't hang around taking notes for too long - just remember, supplies of the Memorandum kit and its lovely add on won't last forever!

And those pumpkins? Here they are.

We faked it this year. These ones came from a shop. You'll find that pretty blue ribbon in the kit, along with some cute things I have even started on yet. I'll be back with more..

1 comment:

Irene said...

gorgeous page, the colours work so well. The lengths to which you have to go as a designer!
I already bought the Tiny Tablet. Cute can be an over-used word, but they are!