Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Scrap365 has landed

The doorbell rang yesterday morning, and I signed for a lovely package marked Gotta Craft, and I kept thinking, "what am I expecting today"? ... So I quickly opened it up, and boy did I smile .... for in my hands I held copies of the amazing brand new magazine that has just been launched ... SCRAP365.  Now you're probably thinking, why is she buzzing over this ... well our very own SIAN is on the Design Team - how exciting is that!   I quickly scanned through it to find her projects, and trust me ...Sian and the other design team memebers sure don't disappoint.  Sian has also done an article entitled "Rip it Up and Start Again?" which I just know you'll enjoy.

Its a magazine packed full of amazing projects, from scrapbooking layouts, art journals (I know I'm going to try the "My Stuff It book") to a really lovely door wreath with paper flowers attached.  You'll even find a couple of really nice cut out and keep sketches.  Its really well thought out, and I know I'm a complete magazine junkie, but trust me, you'll really enjoy this one.

I've also started stocking The Craft Stamper! and the fact that this comes complete with a stamp, makes it a real win win magazine. 


Sandra said...

It's certainly a fab mag! Funnily enough I was just reading my copy in the doctor's waiting room (I had time to read most of it unfortunately!) and I was particularly interested in Sian's article (although I didn't realise the article was by a member of your design team Sandra!) It made me feel differently about my old layouts and free to go do new ones without looking back. Thanks Sian!

Alana said...

I second that. It's just so fab.

Sian said...

Sandra, I'm delighted I was able to keep you company in the doctor's waiting room!