Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrap365 - Issue 2 has arrived

As soon as the postman delivers the latest pack of Scrap365 magazines, I tear open the wrapping and search for Sian's articles.  Well this month, trust me, you're going to LOVE what she's come up with - In true style she's created the most gorgeous layout, showing us how to use up those odds & ends.

I will say, the designers in this magazine are truly talented, they've come up with some amazing articles.  So, I think it calls for a few minutes of me time, so armed with a cup of coffee & Scrap365 ... what more can a girl ask for.

I'll be back with a couple of layouts using the kit ... which has now sold out - but single papers are still available.


Sian said...

Glad you like it Sandra :)

Louise said...

I haven't seen a copy yet - I feel like i'm missing out lol!

Scattychick said...

I was reading through it going but where's Sian? lol I found her and love what she did now just to find time to try some of the projects! I don't think it will happen I am too busy with christmas presents at the moment!

Sian said...

Thank you :)