Thursday, May 19, 2011

ProMarker Storage Idea

I think I probably enjoy the sorting of craft products, almost as much as crafting it self and I'm always on the look out for new storage ideas.   I’ll happily lose myself in re-organizing my papers and embellishments and always think …yup, that’s much better, and then only to do it again, in a few months time. 

Well my storage of ProMarkers had me stumped for a while – I’d first put them in little A5 boxes of each colour, but that was a bit of a faff to carry around – and what I really was looking for, was a way I could just pick up my pens and either take them away for the weekend with me, or just carry them downstairs, and colour to my hearts content, while watching tv.

So a big thank you, goes to Petra who while attending the Thursday crop, bought along her idea … and oh I so copied it.  She was very lucky in finding her bag at a charity shop.  Now, I love looking through charity shops, but I’m not the most patient person, so waiting to find this bag, really wasn’t going to happen.  But I did go to the local garden centre and found the same thing (ok, a little more expensive than I would have at the charity store but its such a pretty colour), and hey, beggars can’t be choosers.
I picked up a set of “dot labels” from Rymans and set about putting my ProMarkers in their place, and colouring the dots with each colour, and sticking on top.  I also, downloaded a colour chart sheet from LetraSet, and filled in which colours I have, so I know which I need to add to my collection.  I’ve put a copy of the sheet for you on the site, under Articles, should you wish to do the same.
All I need to do now, is stamp up a lot of images, and let the playing begin.

I’ve just had a re-stock of ProMarkers, so you’ll find them HERE … and don’t forget, ProMarkers are with free P&P, so you can always add the odd one to your collection, to build up.     

Please do share with us any storage ideas by leaving a link to yours and I'm hoping to build on this by giving you all the storage ideas I've found work (and maybe some that don't ... to save you the pain too LOL)


Jo said...

That is a great way to store pens

Craftyangel said...

fabby storage idea......might steal it as need to move my promarkers around quite often and this nifty. probs be like you and have to buy one quickly, although do like raking about in charity shops too.

Petra said...

Like the colour, Sandra.

This is the internal organiser thingy I have, which is a perfect fit in the centre open section of my tote:

I use the Muji box to put my skin tones, and hair colours and greys into groups, and then I use the outside pockets of the tote for groups of the bright colours.

Jane said...

Love the little bag Sandra, might have to have a look for one myself.

Clare said...

Great idea for storing pens, think I will try and find something similar to keep mine in.