Monday, May 16, 2011

Twine Pompoms

String's the thing at Gotta Craft today. The new MME twine is just as gorgeous as it looks in the pictures! I have been playing around with yellow - but I gotta get some more. Soon.

I've been making tiny pompoms because I love to add a bit of texture to my pages. I thought about how I was going to do this, and then I realised that I had a tiny bowmaker from my dollshouse days. It worked perfectly. Here's how:

Bowmaker, twine and a length of embroidery thread. A bowmaker is easy to make with two nails in a block of wood or maybe a big fork might do?

Wrap the twine round the prongs of the bowmaker about eight times

Thread a needle with embroidery thread and pass it underneath the twine, then tie a tight, secure knot. I used green here so that you could see it. A toning colour would be better.

Slip the twine off the prongs and trim and fluff up your pompom

I turned mine into a sunflower and added it to one of the journaling cards from April's kit to make a quick tag.


S said...

Kewt - I'll have to try this as soon as my order of MME twine arrives.

humel said...

Oh, how cute is that?! *Heads off to look for a big fork*