Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Paper Bag Album

When Sandra sent me some of the Lost And Found Sunshine papers I laid them out, looked at them carfeully and wondered if I could come up with something special to show them off. A layout or two just wasn't going to cut it. So I decided on a mini album:

The front cover

The back cover
Have you ever made a paper bag album? I have a big stack of brown paper lunch bags my brother brought me home from America, so I thought it was about time I had a go. It's so easy! I just folded up the gussets and glued them together. That gave me an album about 6x7 inches, so I trimmed off an inch. Why? So I could tell you how perfect this size would be for using up a 6x6 paper pad!

After that it was quick work choosing and trimming papers to size and embellishing with all the lovely Lost And Found bits and pieces.

You can see that I chose the heavily embellished sections of paper for my covers, lining them up so they looked like a book jacket. It's a good way to showcase the "best bits". And this is the perfect way to use all the pieces from a collection you love.

I was quite happy working away on this one without even an idea of what I could use it for. As I moved the bits around, though, I could see that it had feminine and masculine elements. The sewing machine reminded me of my grandma; and the grey stripes of my Grandpa and his grey cardigans. So it will become an album about the two of them and I hope you like it.


Sarah said...

Wow!! A lovely mini book ... the papers are lovely!! x

Emma said...

Sian - this is lovely. Really pretty and vintagey and so detailed too.

KateB said...

just gorgeous...I purchased some of this line but haven't used it waiting for the perfect pics!!

Tiny Treasures by Tava said...

I like your color choices and combinations. I enjoy making these mini albums too!